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Forestry and industrial
machinery and accessories.

Docma S.r.l. is located in San Giovanni Lupatoto – Verona, the company produces agroforestry machinery and accessories: winches, log-splitters and saw benches. It’s members have twenty years of experience in the sector and aim at the construction of high quality and reliable machinery. The company philosophy in the production of its machinery is based on some essential points: high attention to the construction of safe and functional products for the user; quality control for each individual machine at each production step, which allows to greatly reduce the chances of malfunctions and defects of the winches, wood splitters and saw benches; a quick service in the supply of a very wide range of agroforestry machines and in the resolution of any problems, thanks also to a sales network and first order assistance; a continuous search for innovation and attention to the changing needs of the user.