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Tourné en seconde.  Exemple de prise de vue d'occasion avec treuil automatique VF150.  La machine, utilisée comme illustré par ...

Shot in second. Example of second-hand shooting with VF150 Automatic winch. The machine, used as illustrated in the drawing, expresses a power double compared to the nominal one. In this mode, theoperator can recover even very heavy logs. Two pulleys are used, one for the deviation (always) and one to double the power.
Traction with pulley. Here is an example of traction with pulley with VF150 Automatic. The machine, used as you see in the drawing, creates a double power compared to the rated output. This way, the user can recover very heavy trunks, too. Two pulleys are used, one is for deviating (always) and one is for doubling the power.

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